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February 5, 2020

On this episode we have Sean Blondin in from freedom55 financial in studio with me. We are  breaking down investing for the future, group benefits, health care, dental care and disability all made easy for anyone including small businesses or independent contractors he breaks it all down for us.   Everything you want to know from, what you go over during the first meeting, what is expected of you during this process and how long this process generally takes and financial investment in it and so much more. He also answers a question from a listener.

Sean Blondin of freedom 55Financial



Captain Bald

Captain Bald

January 23, 2020

How Common Is Female Hair Loss

Why Does Female Hair Loss Happen

Stress Hormones Postpartum  Thyroid Issues  Rapid Weight Loss Iron Deficiency

How To Treat Female Hair Loss

Omega-3s, Biotin , Vitamin C, Iron, Zinc, Adaptogens Ashwaganda & Rhodiola

How To Help Hair Loss, Healthy Diet Take, Nutritional supplements, Reduce  Stress, Change Your Hairstyle, Modify Your Haircare routine ,Go Natural  Stay Positive and Patient

Avoid These Harmful Chemicals in Hair Washing Products, Polyethylene Glycol (PEGS), Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS), Fragrance , Phthalates, Parabens, Silicone

Hair products Plump me wash line


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January 2, 2020

Kicking ass and taking names with @mismackcosmetics educating us on her high performance, Canadian, cruelty free, vegan makeup line with revolutionary clean technology all while being ethically sourced.

From biodegradable glitter to moisture locking lipstick we dive into her line and all the amazing things about it.

Use promo code darciedoesdallas for 15% off your online order on www.mismack.com  

To Bang Or Not To Bang

To Bang Or Not To Bang

December 29, 2019

Show Notes 

Starting off with a trip down thank you lane, feeling all the love.

Exciting announcement 

Looking for someone in digital media 

Editorial edition at 14:53

Missy of Miskmack Cosmetics 

Information on biodegradable glitter 

Shootin’ the shit

Shootin’ the shit

December 9, 2019


Show Notes Cheat Sheet 

Industry Spotlight

7 minutes in 

Aaron DeSilva

@aaron.desilva www.aarondesilva.com

Editorial Edition 

15.5 minutes in 

Why Kevin is Everything 

17.5 minutes in 

Ocean waste plastic 

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Darcie Does Dallas | 0

November 17, 2019

It begins..